Hi everyone! My name is Varsha, and I absolutely love reading and writing. I am a gymnast, dancer, and author- hopeful. I created this website to shout to the world my thoughts about the books I read, and hopefully to talk about them with other people who also care way too much about fictional characters.

This blog will mainly be book reviews, stories (and possible fanfiction), and the occasional artistic book tribute. I may also post updates and other things like that, but we’ll see!  I would love to hear any suggestions for new books or thoughts you have on any book review posted!

I hope you enjoy reading or whatever you’re doing here, but thank you either way. Please comment below or contact me if you want to talk about anything related to books, and I’ll see you soon!


My sites:

Instagram: @brilliantbookreview

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/30837042-varsha-v

Email: mememastervv@gmail.com   (don’t judge it wasn’t my idea)


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