Brilliant Book Review




So this is a school final project for one of my classes, and it has to be 40 pages long. I'm not going to post all of it though, because that would be wayyy too long.. Let me know if... Continue Reading →

Terra Animated

This is just an excerpt, but I hope all of you enjoy it, and want to read more!       Hello. My name is Bob. I know that people could find my name funny, but trust me, what you... Continue Reading →

Dragons of Kandem: Linked

So, I am planning on writing a book called Dragons of Kandem, and here is the first chapter! Hope you like it.. Feel free to give any comments, I am seeking to improve it as much as possible. Thanks for... Continue Reading →

The Jarring Jester

One dark, frigid night on the eve of Halloween, a laugh rang out, one so evil, so powerful your blood would turn to ice. Alana Smith sat bolt upright, sweating from her bone chilling nightmare. Could it be real? As... Continue Reading →

The Putrid Pumpkin

Here is a two story series, both based on a bunch of  Halloween scary creatures. The Jarring Jester is next, and is as creepy as this one, if not more. Don't worry, these creatures don't really exist....... This Halloween, I... Continue Reading →

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