Here is a two story series, both based on a bunch of  Halloween scary creatures. The Jarring Jester is next, and is as creepy as this one, if not more. Don’t worry, these creatures don’t really exist…….

This Halloween, I carved a pumpkin. It was not an ordinary pumpkin, but a very special pumpkin because it was alive, or so the legend says….

One Halloween night, when I was walking down the shortcut to my friend Lily’s house, I heard a blood curdling shriek! I continued on my way as if nothing was wrong. But inside, my stomach was tumbling like the raging waves of a tsunami. The shriek meant only one thing. The deathly pumpkin was back! I continued on my way with a quickened pace. When I got to Lily’s new house (she had just moved into a new house), I bounded up the stairs to talk to her. She exclaimed, “Kiana, what is the rush?!!”  when she noticed I was all out of breath. “I heard the ghastly pumpkin!”, I cried. “What is the ghastly pumpkin?” she asked interestedly. “You don’t know?” I sighed. She shook her head with her eyes wide. “Okay. Let me tell you”, I said.

“A long time ago, about a 1000 years ago during Halloween, many people began to go missing.”, I began. “It was most mysterious because first of all, the people who went missing were all children. Second of all, when the children came back they were dazed as if they had been tortured. All the adults thought that the children had returned unharmed, but when they noticed that they were shaking all over, it was a sure sign that they had witnessed or undergone horrors unknown.” I hesitated as if the legend was too appalling to continue to relate. “Then one brave young girl decided that she would seek the truth and fight this evil thing. She got captured and taken to the mysterious place. The “thing” tried to put her in mental chains, but she managed to escape. When she returned, she announced to everyone that the “thing” that was causing the disappearances was an enormous white pumpkin. It’s lair where the children were hidden was really close by. Soon after, all the disappearances stopped. Everyone that night experienced the same nightmare. This abominable white pumpkin yelled. “I WILL RETURN. I will be carved again by a girl in a 1000 years from now. Her name will be Kiana Fall!” I finished.

Lily stared at me blankly. “You really think that it’s you?”! Of course,” I exclaimed. “My name is Kiana Fall, it is probably a thousand years from the time of the time the legend occurred, and I did carve a white pumpkin this Halloween. And I must say, it did look pretty putrid too!” Lily chuckled and said, “I don’t believe in this nonsense”. It is too ridiculous to believe!” I said, “Your choice. Bye! I have to get home for dinner”. Lily looked at me weirdly because it was only six o’clock! I dashed back home just in case the pumpkin caught me. And guess what? IT DID!

My own pumpkin had grown to the size of a large grizzly bear! Her long vines captured me as I tried to cross the doorstep to my house. I got pulled away by the putrid pumpkin to an icy cave. The legend was right! She proceeded to blindfold me and spoke to me in a snarly voice, “Kiana Fall, I will let you go if you tell me the address of your best friend Lily’s house.” I mustered all of my strength and screamed, “I will NEVER tell you, you evil beast! Keep me here as long as you want, you hateful pumpkin!”

“AHH”, she said sadly. “I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this. Never mind. I have the potion ready. Truth potion, by the way”, she snapped the last part as if she did not like questions. Suddenly, there as a loud blaring noise. I took the opportunity to escape, hoping she was distracted. Wriggling free of my chains, (she had taken off my blindfold, luckily), I bolted towards the noise. It was a passing ambulance. “Oh my Gosh!,” I thought. “It’s going to hit me!” But no, the pumpkin vines were too quick. She stole me back…

“Here, Drink this,” she commanded. I whimpered because my body hurt all over. I guess it was her vines squeezing me that caused the pain. Hesitantly I took a sip of the liquid. “Tell me where Lily’s house is. I need to torture her for not believing in me,” she growled. “The address is 23249 Way Street”, I stammered. I then dissolved into tears. The truth potion had made me reveal the address against my wishes. She locked me into chains and then disappeared….

One hour passed but it felt more like one year. With a whoosh of the wind, she was back with poor Lily lying limply in her arms. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!” I screamed! “Don’t worry child, she isn’t dead. I’m afraid she will be in a few hours though,” she said hoarsely. She threw Lily gently at me and I caught her. Lily was groaning with agony and it seemed like she was already close to death. “How could you do such a thing? Let me go you…. You” I stuttered. “You savage creature!” “Now I will let you go. Be warned, though. This is the safest place for you. Outside in the real world people will think YOU killed Lily. No one will remember you. You have both been missing already for ten years” she said forlornly.

“NO! How is that even possible? Ten Years? I haven’t changed or grown one bit! Lily, what do you think? Lily, Lily?” I protested. I looked down on my lap and say that she was gone! Turning around, the wicked pumpkin said, “Enjoy, Enjoy, my dear. Best Friend soup coming up!” with her eyes glinting like coal diamonds.