One dark, frigid night on the eve of Halloween, a laugh rang out, one so evil, so powerful your blood would turn to ice.

Alana Smith sat bolt upright, sweating from her bone chilling nightmare. Could it be real? As a 14 year old, she knew it was silly to be afraid of a nightmare, but lately, all her dreams seemed so real.”Well,” she thought,” it must be because Halloween’s on my mind I’m having these dreams.”Dressing for Halloween was her favorite thing to do; she loved picking out her blackest, spookiest clothes.   But as she gazed out of her window, she thought the sun had an evil tinge to it and gave her a premonition of the day that lay ahead of her.

In school, she saw all the normal costumes, fairy princess, witches, heroes and heroines. But one person caught her attention. It was a black clad jester. He gazed at her, and a shock went through her heart. His eyes were completely green and seemed to be able to bend her mind at his will. Something told her it was not just a costume, and those eerie eyes were not fake……..  School came to a close and Alana walked home by herself. Finishing her homework, she walked out to her backyard to climb the huge oak tree in her yard. It was her favorite reading and thinking spot. As she climbed up, she couldn’t stop thinking about those unnerving green eyes. When she got to the top, she saw something so horrifying; she fell out of the tree….

Wincing, and groaning, she wondered what she was doing on the ground of her yard. Then it all came back to her. Oh, those eyes floating at the top of the tree had bore into her and had instantly known all her secrets. She just knew it. Blaming it on her minds’ tricks, she dusted herself off, and marched into her room, more than a little unsettled. The next morning it happened again! While she was eating breakfast, those green, ‘pupil-less’ eyes appeared on her pancakes chocolate chips. She shrieked with fear and backed away from her plate. When she looked back, they were gone. “Alana, honey, did you need something?” Her mom appeared in the doorway, smiling. “No, but thanks!” she muttered ashamed of her scream. Throughout the day, and the next, and the next, she watched out for those eyes. Weeks passed, and every time she let her guard down, those eyes appeared again. The eyes appeared on her bathroom mirror, replacing hers. She was so startled the first time, she squeezed all the toothpaste out of its bottle. Ever wary, Alana lived this way for the next few months, screaming at odd times and annoying her family and friends.

She was going crazy, and she knew it. But Alana couldn’t help it. She saw those green eyes at every moment of the day, even if they were not there. Nobody believed her, and she felt herself drifting away into a blank stupor, her vision clouded with those vivid green eyes. Until one day, her best friend, Mary-Ann, saw them too……..