Another great book, one that also has an amazing movie to go along with it..

Hello! The book I will be reviewing is called The Hobbit, by JRR. Tolkien. This author has written several more books, all based on the same fantasy world. The books go into depth of this new world/idea. Anyway, The Hobbit’s main character is a hobbit, by the name of Bilbo Baggins. He meets a wizard, Gandalf, who chooses him to go an adventure. A dozen or so dwarves join him on the epic journey to reclaim their homeland. A great terror had stolen it, but had been silent for hundreds of years. They face much peril along the way, including being held captive, almost eaten by giant spiders, and a goblin kings revenge. Bilbo’s job is to see if the magnificent Arkenstone is still there, or if the terror is gone,…… or not.
I enjoyed reading this book because I had watched the movie(s) and was desperately intrigued. I would recommend this book from 5th to 8th grade. The Hobbit does have an intricate vocabulary, and can be confusing at times. For all those reasons, I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. Go read it!