So, I am planning on writing a book called Dragons of Kandem, and here is the first chapter! Hope you like it..

Feel free to give any comments, I am seeking to improve it as much as possible. Thanks for your help!

“Hey Areia! Come here!” Draken called. As 12 year old twin brother and sister, they were leaving to link with a dragon. Both had waited years for this day and Draken didn’t know why Areia was postponing. “I’m coming! I just can’t find that book on ‘Links’.” she shouted back. “Huh. What a know-it-all.” He muttered. She appeared in the door, with a glint in her eye. Both were wearing their first ever Rider cloak, and looked identical. With Areia’s brown hair flowing, she marched out the front door, with Draken in tow. “Mom,” she said when she caught sight of the car. “Can’t we use Halon, your dragon?” “No, honey, you guys can’t ride yet.” Herena their mother replied. ‘Let’s go, you are going to be late!” their dad Drever called. Both clambered into the car realizing their mom wasn’t there. “Mom!” they shouted in union. She hurried into the car and almost ripped her black skirt while she did so. Through the drive, the family was silent, but there were waves of energy and excitement coursing through the air.

Arriving at the “Rider”, the linking and training area, the twins were disappointed. The training area was huge, with space enough for 5 massive dragons, but missed the ceremony and pomp the twins were looking for. At the arena, 6 small dragons were chained. 5 were placid and calm, but the other was insane; it tossed it’s head, wrenched at the chains and snorted burst of flames. “Good luck kids.” Go have fun. We will be watching.” Their parents drove off to find parking, leaving 2 extremely nervous kids. They headed toward a door saying ‘entrance’. “Hi kids! Are you ready to start linking? Head down those stairs.” Draken and Areia started down the stairs and appeared in the arena. Their parents waved. “Hey,” Areia said. “There is another girl here. Let’s say hi.” “Okay.” “Hi. My name is Areia. What’s yours?” she asked. “Hello. I’m Ivina. Aren’t you nervous to finally link? I’m nervous and excited at the same time.” She said so fast they almost didn’t understand her. Both twins exchanged a glance. “Hi. I’m Draken. Yes, I’m nervous and excited.” he replied. “Ready, kids?” said a loud, booming voice. They turned to see a scrawny young man for his voice. “Yes” they answered meekly. “All you have to do to link with a dragon is find one that calms when you come near them and responds to your thoughts. Got it?” “Yes, sir.” “No need for formalities, youngsters. By the way, call me Herkin. I’m your instructor.”

Ivina stepped forward as if in a trance, to a redish-orange dragon. “You’re, you’re Firekin?” she breathed and touched his snout. A Rider cloak materialized, with the same iridescence as Firekin. “You’ve linked. Please head over there.” Herkin softly said. “Wow.” said the twins. Draken numbly walked forward and stopped for a few seconds at each dragon. Finally, he came to a complete stop in front of a silverish-blue dragon, whose eyes, in a blue-green, were intoxicating. “Is your name, Sivernen?” he whispered and brushed his hand over an inexplicably soft nose. A sudden ‘Whooph’ broke the silence. Herena, their mom was shouting “My son is linked”. A cloak, the same color as Sivernen popped up, and Draken led his dragon away. It was Areia’s turn. She waited at each of the placid dragons, there were 3 left. None of them spoke to her. She sighed, so disappointed. “Sweetie, there is one more dragon. Just be cautious” Herkin said. “Yes!” Areia jumped up, elated. But then she remembered the last dragon was bonkers. Her shoulders slumped. “No, no, honey, go try her out.” Herkin encouraged. “Okay” she replied. As she walked nearer, the dragon snorted a flame and Areia flinched. Turning back to look at her parents, she fearfully stepped forward and…….. was in agony. “Oww! My hand is on fire!” First aid rushed to the scene and carefully dabbed her hand. She rushed ahead to slap the dragon. As her fingers grazed it’s nose, she felt a sensation like no other. A bright, playful voice said,” I’m sorry Areia. I am your dragon.” “Who said that?”Areia asked. “Nobody said anything.” replied her instructor. Areia turned to face the offending dragon. “It was you Na, Nalina.” she said. The dragon bobbed its head in agreement. “I’m linked,” Areia said in wonder. At her words a silverfish-purple cloak appeared the same shine as Nalina. “You are going to have a hard time training that one.” joked Herkin. ‘”Yeah, but she is mine!” Nalina was led to the other links, and we leave this story with Draken and Areia overjoyed with their dragons.