This is just an excerpt, but I hope all of you enjoy it, and want to read more!

      Hello. My name is Bob. I know that people could find my name funny, but trust me, what you are about to read is not funny at all. Well, maybe, maybe not. I am quite the comedian, even in situations where I am fighting for my life. Anyway, this is an account of my quest to “save the world”, a term I’m sure you have read over and over again. This time though, it’s different. I am on what you humans would call the invading side, the alien side, the side that is trying to take over the world. Whoopdeedoo. We are actually trying to save the Earth. That’s it. We’re not supposed to care how many people die during the process. The truth is, you humans are destroying yourselves. You sure don’t need any help from us. You are destined and doomed to die, and we are here to make sure you don’t take the Earth with you. There we go! Done. Introductions made, backstory given, time to start the real story. Oh wait. You don’t know who “we” is. Yeah so, here’s the biggest spoiler of your life. Drumroll please….. We are the Earth. People created by Earth to save Earth. Actually, the Earth is quite alive, just in a deep sleep. She half arose to create us, and promptly fell back asleep. My quest is to…. Hahaha! You actually thought I would tell you this early on? Oh, I’m hilarious! Also, from now on, we will be referring to the Earth as Terra. As this is my story, about my people I think we should use my traditions. Okay, are we done now? You know everything you need to know? Good. Lets get on with it then.

How it all started:

   “Wake up Aria! It’s Inauguration day!” I yelled to my twin sister, rousing her. Or not. I looked over at her bed, a suspiciously prone lump hidden under covers. I felt a tap on my shoulder, and said grinning,”Cheater!”

“You never said waking up early was prohibited. Or that pretending my pillow was me was not allowed.” the genius replied. I had proposed a competition last night, to see who could wake up the fastest. I thought I had closed every loophole, but apparently she had found a way through my strict rules. Two ways.Finally I turned around, and took her in.

“Wow. You look nice for once.” I said, smiling again to take out the bite. She slugged me. “Yow! Someones moody!”

“Go get ready.” she responded, rolling her eyes.

     Aria and I are exactly the same, even our looks. She’s a genius, I’m a genius. I’m an athlete, she’s an athlete. Whatever one twin is good at, the other twin is too. Sometimes it’s kind of annoying, because we can never be unique individuals, but at least no one can compare us. Another bright side: we are best friends. Some twins hate each other, some dislike, others are just siblings because they have to be. We love each other, even if we never say it. Wait, why’d I say that to you? We just met! Please, enough with the soppy love stuff. Anyway, you know the saying “father like son”? Well now it’s more like,  “sister like brother.” When we were babies, our own mother couldn’t tell us apart. (Adoptive mother, because we were created by the Earth.)

      So, Inauguration Day. You probably don’t know what it is. And, the truth is we don’t know either. It’s different for everyone. Once a Terrasyn, (Person created by Terra) are seventeen, they must enter a cave, any cave.  Then, they face a challenge, rumored to be the impossible. If you pass, you go out into the normal world like nothing ever happened. If you fail, you dissolve into Terra, and lose all of your identity. You become Terra again. I know, sounds harsh. But this is what makes us Terrasyn’s so valuable. On the day of their birthday they must complete the challenge. Otherwise the magic will fade and they will fail anyway. By this time I had finished changing into jeans and a t-shirt. I walked out of mine and Aria’s room, and she was waiting for me outside. I emerged through the door, took one look at her glaring eyes, and turned right back around. I knew what she wanted immediately, because we had this fight every single day. Girls! Seriously, we’re about to take on the most difficult challenge of our lives, and she wants me to brush my hair. God.

      “Are you scared, Bob?” Aria asked. I turned to her, noting the fear in her eyes before she turned away. We were on our way to the cave. Our parents thought we were at the park, but….

“Aria..” I sighed, wanting to comfort her, but also tell her the truth. “I’m nervous, yes. But we’ll be together, and there’s no one else I’d want by my side.”

She smiled, and that smile turned into a slight smirk.

“What about Brittni?” she sang in that sing-song voice that always found it’s way under my skin.

Brittni was my girlfriend, also a Terrasyn. She already passed her test 3 months ago, (thank Terra) and was one of the three reasons I needed to pass this. For Aria, for Brittni, and to serve Terra. I believe with all my body that humans are evil.

“Brittni would be my second choice, and Brandon my third. You know that all too well.” I was determined not to let her know how much I hated that voice.

She blushed at the mention of Brandon. He was her boyfriend, and also my best friend.

Suddenly, she froze. I was about to ask what was wrong, when I looked up, and gasped. Me, I, gasped. I never gasp, never have gasped.

The cave, the only cave within a 1000 mile radius was under construction. And by under construction, I mean completely torn down.