Hi guys! Here is a book that I just recently finished. Thought it was okay at first but I loved the series of 5 books at the end.

This book, called Fablehaven, is full of  danger, betrayal, joy, and excitement. It was written by Brandon Mull, who has also written several other books.

After a tragic accident, Kendra, a 14 year old girl, and her brother Seth, who is 11, visit there grandparents, who they haven’t ever visited in their whole life. They think that the one week they spend there is going to be only filled with boredom. The secluded house has no electronics of any kind, except for cooking stuff. They have never been so wrong. After following clues their grandfather left for them, Kendra and Seth discover there is a magical world. Their grandparents live on  one of the secret preserves for all magical beings evil and good alike, and could have no visitors. Kendra and Seth discover The Society of the Evening Star is trying to collect all five artifacts, hidden at each secret preserve, and open the Demon Prison Zzyx. To do this would throw the world into complete chaos, destroying all of the life on Earth. They face dangers that they couldn’t even dream of. Together, with allies and enemies hiding among each other, Kendra and Seth must find the artifact hidden in Fablehaven, discern who their real enemies and friends are, and all the while battling whether to tell their parents or not.

Fablehaven is a great series, exciting kids of all ages. It has amazing plot twists, that surprised me so much, I am still reeling from the shock today, after having finished the books 2 weeks earlier. I would recommend this book from ages 10-14. I am giving this series a 4 star review.Thanks, and I hope you enjoy this series as much as I did.

P.S My favorite is the fourth, so just hang in there.