Hello everyone! Happy New Year two months late 🙂  I hope your winter break went well, and that the jump back into school, work, etc, was not too painful. I’ve dived back into school, and have only gotten my life organized around now. So, I thought, what better than a 2017 book recommendations post for all of those who are at a loss for what to read?1 This is just a short list of books that are great to start the year off with; don’t worry, I have hundreds more to recommend for you! (hearts are for my absolute favorites)

Science Fiction:

♥ The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu- A lovely trilogy written in two perspectives about a divided United States of America, and a revolution. It’s wonderfully cliche, (not in a bad way) and the last book makes me cry every time.

Maximum Ride by James Patterson- Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve read these. I love them all the same, however! This is a series about a group of genetically modified children and their life running away from the people who created and conducted experiments on them. It’s extremely interesting and fantastically written. Young Adult/ Adult


♥ The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini- This is a young adult tetralogy of epic fantasy novels, and when I say epic, I mean epic. Dragons, elves, dwarves, magic, and the most influential and powerful revolution I have ever read. This is on my top five favorite novels list, which is definitely saying something.

Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan- A long, 12 book series about the adventures of a young orphan an  his friends. It sounds silly, but is actually amazing. Childrens


♥ The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stievafeter- This is a  four books series that is a strange mix of both fantasy, fiction, contemporary, and romance. Each book was progressively better, and I just fell in love with the characters and plot line. Young Adult

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart- This is a trilogy (plus a prequel), and one of the best ‘getting into reading’ novels ever. It is written fantastically, and is a re-reading type book. Children

Fangirl and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell- This is sort of a duology, and oh-so relatable! Fangirl about the life of a college going fan of the fictional ‘Simon Snow’ series. It’s about her twin sister, single father, a little bit of romance, and her extremely popular fanfiction about Simon Snow. Carry On, the next book, is the fanfiction she wrote during Fangirl, which I thought was so interesting. Carry On is absolutely fantastic, and is a mix of romance and fantasy.


Across The Universe by Beth Revis- This is a sweet science fiction trilogy about a journey to another planet from Earth, and the romance that blossoms aboard the ship. Young Adult

Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins- I believe this is the first romance book I’ve ever read. I haven’t finished the series, but I really enjoyed this novel. It was one of those fluff books you read for fun, not really to think. Young Adult?


A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway- Well, I read this for school, and ended up really enjoying it. It’s one of those ‘boast worthy college’ books, where you can say “Oh, yeah, I’ve read Hemingway,” and not be lying. It was exceedingly sexist, and the characters made some truly idiotic decisions, but it was enjoyable nevertheless.

The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James- I think having to write a 10 page essay on this somewhat spoiled it for me, but I still liked it. It’s written well, and the plot is wonderful! Also, the ideology of the novel is very interesting- trust me, I would know.