Hello again! Let me just say that this is one of the best books ever. I’ve read it about 5 times, going on 6, and I first read it on August 1, 2015. This review was written as of about the end of July 2016 and also now edited today, December 26, 2o16. Also, WARNING, this contains major spoilers!!!

I read this book almost a full year ago, and I cannot believe I haven’t properly reviewed it.
Let me just say that this is one of my favorite books. At least top 5, out of the hundreds of books I have read and loved.
The second time I read this book, (which was about 30 seconds ago), I cried almost continuously during this book, and ended it with tears shining on my face, but also smiling. The first time I read this book, I only cried when  Will died.
This time, I cried through almost every one of Jem’s relapses, his death, WILL’S REACTION to his PARABATAI’S DEATH, Tessa’s reaction to her fiance’s death, Jem becoming a Silent Brother, and literally any other sad scene. This book was filled with them. Also, I definitely sobbed during Will’s death, and the violin playing/ reminiscing of his life. Especially their first born being named James.
I’m not normally this emotional while reading, but this book is one of the very, very few that can get me actually sobbing. Like one out of two books. (The other is Champion from the Legend series if you’re wondering)

It is so emotionally twisting, yet so perfectly satisfying, and I will say this with absolutely no doubt- it is the best love triangle I have ever read. I think that this is Cassandra Clare’s best written novel, and I can’t find any fault within it as of this moment.
This book is written beautifully, I could not ask for better characters, character development, plot line, or emotion. James Carstairs is the most wonderful, amazing, kind, perfect, and powerful human being, and I just love him so much. I do desperately hope that we will eventually get to read about Jem and Will’s friendship, and their journey going from friends to brothers to parabatai. It’s such a magnificent idea and concept, and I just love their relationship so much.
Anyway, my point is that, the other books, while fantastic, are nothing compared to this one. I loved all of her other books in the Shadowhunter world, but this takes the cake. Or it might tie with Lady Midnight, but still! It’s phenomenal. I highly highly suggest everyone read this book, because it’s absolutely fantastic. Age recommendations, to me, completely depend on maturity, rather than age, so I can’t set a specific line right now. I will say that the series doesn’t contain anything explicit, or beyond kissing, but there are some slightly violent scenes.