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The Mortal Instruments

Hey guys!! Here is the next book I will be reviewing! The Mortal Instruments is a captivating series for readers ready for danger, suspense, magic, and, I'll admit it, romance.......... An almost 16 year old girl named Clary, walks into... Continue Reading →

Dragons of Kandem: Linked

So, I am planning on writing a book called Dragons of Kandem, and here is the first chapter! Hope you like it.. Feel free to give any comments, I am seeking to improve it as much as possible. Thanks for... Continue Reading →

The Hobbit

Another great book, one that also has an amazing movie to go along with it.. Hello! The book I will be reviewing is called The Hobbit, by JRR. Tolkien. This author has written several more books, all based on the... Continue Reading →

The Glorious Hole

A long time ago, when animals of all shapes and sizes could talk, there lived a squirrel. His name was Robby. He had just graduated from Gathering school, where he learned the best way to gather the best nuts. The... Continue Reading →

Annabell and Ivy: Surprise

Here is a sweet little story about best buds playing tricks! “It’s the first day of school!” Ivy squealed. “I know. I wonder what we are going to do today.” Annabell replied, just as excited. The two girls had been... Continue Reading →

Ranger’s Apprentice

This is one of my favorite books!! Go read it!! Today’s Series is called Rangers Apprentice, by John Flanagan. Will, a 15 year old boy, is an orphan, and ready to be apprenticed. He is chosen by the legendary Ranger... Continue Reading →

The Jarring Jester

One dark, frigid night on the eve of Halloween, a laugh rang out, one so evil, so powerful your blood would turn to ice. Alana Smith sat bolt upright, sweating from her bone chilling nightmare. Could it be real? As... Continue Reading →

The Putrid Pumpkin

Here is a two story series, both based on a bunch of  Halloween scary creatures. The Jarring Jester is next, and is as creepy as this one, if not more. Don't worry, these creatures don't really exist....... This Halloween, I... Continue Reading →

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