Hey guys!! Here is the next book I will be reviewing!

The Mortal Instruments is a captivating series for readers ready for danger, suspense, magic, and, I’ll admit it, romance……….

An almost 16 year old girl named Clary, walks into the world of Shadowhunters full on. After a fight with her mother, Jocelyn, Clary is talking with her best friend, (not boyfriend) Simon, when she gets a call on her cell. From her mother….. After listening to the message Clary runs home to find the house ransacked and her mother, gone. She meets a demon, and almost dies, but is saved by a mysterious teen named Jace. From there she is thrown head first into dangers of all sorts, from demons, to betrayal, and falling in love with someone she can’t . Through the book, Clary realizes that her mother has kept even more secrets than she thought was possible, though all were for Clary’s safety and protection. Her mother knew about the Shadowhunters and was connected to the evil side in a strange way. So, will she succeed and save her mother and her loved ones, or will some sacrifices have to be made?

I was first recommended this book by a  really close friend, who positively loves it!! I also Loved it, and cannot, seriously, cannot wait until the last one (boo-hoo) comes out. All who love an action book, fantasy & magic, and a little drama, will rave over this series. I recommend this book from ages 13-18 (exception of me, I should have waited a little bit.) and give it 4 and 3 quarters of a star. (It doesn’t beat Harry Potter)

The first book is City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels,  and City of Lost Souls. The last one, City of Heavenly Fire, is coming out May 17, 2014!!! Can’t wait! Read this book….. Seriously..