The Stormlight Archive is a series written by Brandon Sanderson, (and amazing author btw), of which there are supposed to be 10, and two books having already been published. It has been torture to wait for the next one, which will be published in July 2017! 

The Way of Kings Review: May 25, 2015

I truly, truly enjoyed this book.
It was an immense challenge to read this 1,252 page book in 7 hours and 22 minutes, but I did. I think this is quite the achievement, considering the length and difficulty of the story. This novel was written with such eloquence, changing from character to character smoothly. The writing was so elegant, and used a plethora of interesting words. There was so much detail, yet it never got boring, which is quite surprising to me, as I generally get tired of long descriptions.
The storyline was extremely complicated but explained so well from different points of view. My favorite characters were Kaladin, Dalinar, and Shallan, because they all went through such hardship. They dealt with it in different ways, and the best part was reading their struggle to deal with it. I sound insane, don’t I? These people were written so deeply, and in such a complex way that I couldn’t help but fall in love while reading about them.
Their emotions and feelings were described so well that I felt their pain along the way.

Anyway, if you are an avid reader, one who loves books with all your heart, read this book.
No one else will be able to read such a long, but beautifully written novel! I rated this book five stars out of five, surprisingly, as very few get my seal of approval!